June 13, 2018


We took the train from downtown Zermatt to Gornergrat where the view from this 3,000-high ridge is spectacular and you can see the 4,479-high peak of the Matterhorn with its surrounding mountain world up close. There are many lakes around and numerous hiking trails that you can explore. In the last station, there is a viewing deck where you can see glaciers moving down jagged peaks. It is truly an awesome spectacle!

The icy ridge looms in front after the train makes a tight turn.
I had to shoot quickly before the clouds totally obscured the view.
Slight ripple on the water as the wind picked up.


This small lake below the hiking trail was our destination.

Hikers on their way to climb much higher.
The glacier at the top of the final train station.
Hikers make a beeline on their way to the top.
Many aqua-blue lakes like this dotted the landscape.
We got down here to start our short hike.
I tried to frame the Matterhorn with these craggy rocks for contrast.
As we got nearer the lake, clouds started moving across the Matterhorn’s peak threatening to obscure it entirely.
I think this was my best shot though I was unable to get a sharp glassy reflection on the lake.

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