June 14, 2018


One of the must-dos in Cappadocia is to go on a balloon ride early in the morning to better appreciate the beauty of the place. And so we lifted off just as dawn was breaking with the balloon glowing like a living thing and slowly ascended up to a kilometer until we punched through the cloud cover and met the sun rise beside Mount Erciyes. It was an awesome moment that all 12 of us passengers fell into a hushed silence, not wanting to break the sublime stillness that surrounded us. We floated above the incredible landscape at a lower level passing thru the pointed fairy chimneys, pigeon houses and undulating valleys before coming to land on an empty field after an hour. Despite my natural fear of heights, I’d definitely still go on a balloon ride in a heartbeat!

Firing up the balloon in the dark.
Almost ready for lift-off.
The ascent begins….
The sun rises beside Mt. Erciyes.
The lay of the land looks like a crazy-cut pattern.
Some of the conical chimney fairies pointedly stand out in the foreground.
Nowhere else will you see this stunning landscape!
Passing thru the town of Goreme.
Simply awesome!
A ribbon of asphalt slices thru the landscape.
The pigeon houses line this valley.
Making it back to terra firma in one piece.

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