June 16, 2018


Jutting out of a promontory into Lake Como, this place is considered by many to be the most beautiful town in Italy. You will soon agree once you see the quaint scenery around you – the ubiquitous cobblestone streets, the narrow alleys full of surprises and picturesque houses as well as the grand villas around. You have to walk uphill immediately behind the narrow waterfront in order get to the top of the town center where most of the action is. Quite tiring but you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the lake. Besides, you can always stop for a cone of gelato or a cup of espresso and sit on one of the cafe chairs found in almost every corner. Getting to Bellagio is easy and straightforward because there are many ferries from many points on the lake and the ride itself is already quite an adventure.

Like an image from a fairytale, Bellagio is quite bewitching.
The ferry prepares to dock on the narrow waterfront.
There are many beautiful gardens blooming with flowering plants. This is right in the center of the town.
Even though the road up the hill is steep, you can stop and admire the scenery like this one.
One of the towns where the ferry stops on its way to Bellagio.
A short walk from the ferry dock, you will see this general view of the town.
Tulips bloom in the public garden.
Across the waterfront are the mountains surrounding Lake Como.
The belfry of the Romanesque Basilica di San Giacomo stands out from the town center.
Awesome gardens on the steep hillside.
Many hotels dot the main street along the waterfront and they are generally expensive.
These steps lead down to the main shopping center.

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