June 16, 2018


561 kilometersa north of Manila lies this picturesque town right at the tip of Luzon where the waves of the West Philippine Sea crash with wild abandon on its beaches. It was an overnight trip by bus that we took which arrived quite late in the morning that’s why when we got to our hotel, we immediately hired a tricycle to take us to the famous Bangui windmills. For two days we went around visiting other famous tourist sights which were all amazing and Instagrammable! The roads were very well paved and there was greenery everywhere with so many ricefields as far as the eye could see. Our driver, who also acted as our tourist guide, took us to the important ones on his list which included the Kapurpurawan rock formation, Kabigan Falls, Patapat Viaduct, Bantay Abot cave, Hannah’s Resort and the Cape Bojeador lighthouse. I vowed that we would come back next time for a longer visit.

A large overhead concrete arch tells you that you have arrived in Pagudpud.
The three of us in the tricycle.
The Bangui windmills at dusk.
The 1.3-km. long Patapat Viaduct skirts the edge of the sea at a height of 31 meters.
Kapurpurawan rock formation.
You can see the greenery all around the town of Bangui.
I spent a lot of time shooting these rock formations by the sea.
You can take a ride on this horse for a hundred bucks around Kapurpurawan.
The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse was built in 1892.
The lighthouse has a beautiful wooden veranda.
You can see the long stretch of windmills by the sea from this elevated vantage point.
The Kabigan Falls lies deep in a lush forest accessible from the main road via a 2km. trail passing thru rice paddies.
The Blue Lagoon in Hanna’s Resort is blindingly saturated with a deep turquoise color.
How green is this ricefield!
The view from the Alta Vista resort hotel.
Bantay Abot cave is actually a hole in this rock formation.
Beautiful tequila sunrise.
The Bolo River divides Pagudpud from the town of Bangui.

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