June 24, 2018


Hemmed in by mountains on one side and the sea on the other side, this small Principality that is only 2 sq. km. has thrived well and prospered in what has become a playground for the rich. Just look at all the multimillion-dollar yachts berthed in the harbor! Even its architecture has a florid display of decorative elements ranging from colorful turrets in the balcony to sinuous caryatids, blending into a picturesque fantasy of luxury that is a throwback to the 19th century Belle Epoque (Beautiful Era). We spent half a day here as part of the tour package from our cruise ship which docked in nearby Cannes. There was only enough time for a quick walk around the harbor and a visit to the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo. It was nice standing at the top of the hill taking it all in with just the perfect clear weather so you could look all the way to the far end of the horizon which was the glistening azure sea.

The harbor of Monaco is filled with all sorts of yachts
The mountains make a great backdrop for the sea.
Ramparts of a castle overlook the harbor.
A stroll by the harbor is a great way to rub shoulders with the moneyed people around.
On a bright, clear day like this, you can see the azure sea glistening all around.
The Maritime Museum
The famous Monte Carlo Casino.
Many luxurious cars are parked in front of Park du Casino.
Flamboyant and colorful Belle Epoque facade.
There is a huge reflecting mirror in the park in front of the casino.
These guys just kept driving their supercar ’round and ’round!
These steps lead to the Jardins de la Petite Afrique.

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