June 28, 2018


During our exploration of the Italian Dolomites, we stopped for the night in Passo Giao and stayed in one rustic hotel which was located right by the side of the two-lane winding road. The Giao Pass is a high mountain pass with a rocky peak called Nuvolau (2,574 m) which has quite a large pastureland at its foot. Next morning, while having coffee on the balcony admiring the view of the mountain range, I saw this big herd of sheep – a thousand or so – heading up the hill. So I got the camera and rushed outside to catch them feeding on the grass on the slopes. It was fun running after them and getting up close for some great angles mindful of the fact that I had to shoot real quick before the clouds covered the mountainous background. I felt like a photographer shooting for National Geographic!

The rocky peak called Nuvolau.
Thousands of sheep coming up the hill to graze.
Uninhabited house on the slope.
This goat is tasked to shepherd the flock.
All of them hungrily feeding on the semi-dried grass.
The rustic hotel we stayed in had balconies overlooking the beautiful landscape.
There was a stony pathway leading to the base of the mountain.
Far into the horizon were the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps.
A long and winding road leads up to the pass.
Various types of marble quarried from the mountains are displayed on the hotel’s lawn.

Up close to the uninhabited house.

Hikers on a morning walk.


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