August 18, 2018


There are two great train journeys in Switzerland. One is the Glacier Express that runs between Zermatt and St. Moritz and the other one is the Bernina Express that runs from Chur/St. Moritz to the southern Italian city of Tirano. Like they say, from the glistening glaciers to the swaying palms since it starts from the Alps and winds its way far down below to the Italian border.   We boarded the Bernina Express in the dead of winter and were greeted with an all-white landscape throughout the journey as the train slowly picked its way through thick snowdrifts that mostly covered the railway tracks while negotiating 55 tunnels and…

June 13, 2018


We took the train from downtown Zermatt to Gornergrat where the view from this 3,000-high ridge is spectacular and you can see the 4,479-high peak of the Matterhorn with its surrounding mountain world up close. There are many lakes around and numerous hiking trails that you can explore. In the last station, there is a viewing deck where you can see glaciers moving down jagged peaks. It is truly an awesome spectacle! [/caption]