June 15, 2018


This 86-km. scenic drive takes a long time to traverse because the views are stupendous that you want to stop more often to admire each scene and take pictures. Every curve and every dip in the road is Instagram-worthy! It took us almost 3 hours to drive from end-to-end starting from the entrance at the intersection of Highway 9 and Interstate 15, where you pay a toll, all the way to Mt. Carmel junction. From the Visitor Center and Museum, it winds its way past many Zion landmarks such as rocky mesas, geographical rock formations and soaring sheer cliffs. There is a mile-long tunnel that you will pass thru and…

June 15, 2018


18 June 1815. On that momentous day that changed the course of history, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the Duke of Wellington who led a British force allied with several countries. It happened on the undulating plains of this town just a few kilometers outside of Brussels. The battle was fought fiercely under rainy conditions that churned the ground in the fields into a muddy quagmire making it extremely difficult for the two sides to use their cannons and cavalry. By employing a brilliant defensive strategy making use of the prevailing topography and backed up by the Prussians whom Napoleon thought was a spent force, the Brits routed the French…

June 14, 2018


One of the must-dos in Cappadocia is to go on a balloon ride early in the morning to better appreciate the beauty of the place. And so we lifted off just as dawn was breaking with the balloon glowing like a living thing and slowly ascended up to a kilometer until we punched through the cloud cover and met the sun rise beside Mount Erciyes. It was an awesome moment that all 12 of us passengers fell into a hushed silence, not wanting to break the sublime stillness that surrounded us. We floated above the incredible landscape at a lower level passing thru the pointed fairy chimneys, pigeon houses and…

June 14, 2018


Once in Paris, I had an early morning flight and couldn’t sleep. So I took my trusty Nikon and tripod for a long walk beside the Seine and ended up with these….

June 13, 2018


We took the train from downtown Zermatt to Gornergrat where the view from this 3,000-high ridge is spectacular and you can see the 4,479-high peak of the Matterhorn with its surrounding mountain world up close. There are many lakes around and numerous hiking trails that you can explore. In the last station, there is a viewing deck where you can see glaciers moving down jagged peaks. It is truly an awesome spectacle! [/caption]