June 15, 2018


This 86-km. scenic drive takes a long time to traverse because the views are stupendous that you want to stop more often to admire each scene and take pictures. Every curve and every dip in the road is Instagram-worthy! It took us almost 3 hours to drive from end-to-end starting from the entrance at the intersection of Highway 9 and Interstate 15, where you pay a toll, all the way to Mt. Carmel junction. From the Visitor Center and Museum, it winds its way past many Zion landmarks such as rocky mesas, geographical rock formations and soaring sheer cliffs. There is a mile-long tunnel that you will pass thru and many heart-stopping switchbacks with lookout points. It is truly a memorable drive because of the beautiful topography and the stunning views everywhere.

The entrance to the park where every motorist wanted to have a souvenir shot.
Jagged cliffs everywhere.
A camper van would be a good choice for a longer stay in the park.
This is part of the Checkerboard Mesa so named because of its numerous cracks on the surface.
The mile-long tunnel cut from sheer rock.
This part was one of the most awesome!
You can see the road and switchbacks you just traversed.
We took a short hike around this place. Who wouldn’t?
Another curve, another awesome view!
Rocky formations soar into the sky like cathedrals
There are shuttle buses that will take you to some sights from the Visitor’s Center.

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