March 28, 2019


Venice’s  Grand Canal becomes a colorful beehive of activity during the first Sunday of September when they hold the annual boat regatta. It is a fun and festive event where you can watch various gondolas and other boats floating down the waterway, each one filled with performers garbed in historical attire. The event comes in two parts: first, there is the historical boat parade with multicolored boats designed from the 16th century and then there is a series of rowing races among teams of gondoliers


The origins of this fluvial procession traces its roots back to 1841 when the Municipality of Venice organized an annual boat race on the Canal Grande to encourage the gondoliers and honour their skills. It starts from Piazza San Marco and ends at the Rialto Bridge.


We came a bit late and so the crowds had already thickened on every vantage point of the canal but still got a good view in spite of the wooden poles sticking on the water which made it a bit hard to shoot clear pictures. But all in all, it was a well-spent two hours from 4:00 – 6:00PM till the last race was done.


The start of the procession with this boat carrying the dignitaries of the city
The winged lion holding a bible is the symbol of the City of Venic
Some divers prepare for their stunt on one of the paid viewing decks.
Some local dignitaries stand on the prow of this boat.
One of the boats with a charioteer.
This guy found a front viewing seat on one of the wooden quays away from the heavy crowd.
Two boats rowed side by side.
This is an all-women’s team.
That’s the white Penny Guggenheim Museum with guests on the terrace.
Throwback to the olden times as some of these couples came in period costumes.
Local Venetian ladies garbed in 16th century attire wave to the crowd.
This was one of the team races.
There was a jazz band, too!

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